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09/06/13 News - A Final Fantasy VI Remake Was Once A Reality David D. Nelson
11/11/10 News - Square-Enix To Release Special Holiday Soundtrack Ben Dutka
06/17/10 News - E3 2010 Attendance Numbers, E3 2011 Receives Date Ben Dutka
06/13/10 News - PSXE Poll Update: GT5 Will Be Here Before Christmas Ben Dutka
06/13/10 News - E3 Predictions For Sony's Conference Ben Dutka
06/11/10 News - EA Sports: The Genre Needs A "Real-Time Physics Engine" Ben Dutka
06/10/10 News - Sumthing Digital Giveaway Complete: Winners Announced Ben Dutka
06/08/10 News - Mystery Mortal Kombat Teaser Comes With The Sickness Ben Dutka
06/07/10 News - Square-Enix Doesn't Want To Expand, They Want New Fans Ben Dutka
06/07/10 News - Video Games Live Nets 90-Minute PBS Concert Special Ben Dutka
06/07/10 News - Pachter: Fanboys - In Any Venue - Won't Ever Go Away Ben Dutka
06/05/10 News - Rumor: Kim Kardashian To Become The Next Lara Croft Ben Dutka
06/03/10 News - Aging's Biggest Flaw: Obstinacy And Voluntary Delusion Ben Dutka
06/02/10 News - Metal Gear Solid Movie Stalls, Revival Remains Possible John Shepard
06/02/10 News - Level-5 To Open New Santa Monica Studio In September Ben Dutka
05/31/10 News - Do We Need To Change Video Game Rating Scales? Ben Dutka
05/28/10 News - Jaffe: "We Must All Be Slaves To A Project's Vision" Ben Dutka
05/27/10 News - NBA Live Renamed As NBA Elite Ben Dutka
05/27/10 News - Worldwide Gaming Revenue To Top $70 Billion In 2015 John Shepard
05/26/10 News - Sony Ready To Invest In "Long-Term Creative Benefits" Ben Dutka
05/25/10 News - Can Video Games Really Affect Your Sex Life? Ben Dutka
05/24/10 News - Win An Original Game Soundtrack From Sumthing Digital Ben Dutka
05/24/10 News - Study: Chemically, Men Prefer Gaming Over Sex Ben Dutka
05/23/10 News - PSXE Poll Update: iPhone And Android Prove Popular Ben Dutka
05/20/10 News - User Reviews Up And Running: First "Staff Choice" Is... Ben Dutka
05/20/10 News - Namco: Games Are "Too Expensive For The Audience" Ben Dutka
05/19/10 News - EA Hasn't Ruled Out Publishing A Bungie Product Ben Dutka
05/18/10 News - Square-Enix Turns Profit, FFXIII Hits 5.5 Million Worldwide Ben Dutka
05/16/10 News - How Often Do Game Analysts Use Common Sense? Ben Dutka
05/13/10 News - Welcome ApPoppa: The Review Index For Portable Apps Ben Dutka
05/10/10 News - Sony Shrinks Loss Expectations, Profitability Near John Shepard
05/02/10 News - Does The Woman In Your Life Play Video Games? Ben Dutka
05/02/10 News - Rumor: GameCrazy To No Longer Exist After This Month? John Shepard
04/25/10 News - Are Industry Shifts Leaving Game Veterans Behind? Ben Dutka
04/25/10 News - SFIV Producer "Desperate" To Make Another Darkstalkers John Shepard
04/22/10 News - If Video Games Aren't Art, At Least They're Progressing Ben Dutka
04/22/10 News - Sega West Forced To Cut About 10% Of Total Staff John Shepard
04/19/10 News - Jaffe And Co. To Remain Exclusive To PlayStation Platform Ben Dutka
04/18/10 News - Activision: We Pay Our Talent "Millions Of Dollars" John Shepard
04/15/10 News - EA: Activision Went And Shot Their Triple Crown Horse Ben Dutka
04/15/10 News - PSXE Readers: The Real God Of War Will Take Your Questions Ben Dutka
04/14/10 News - Can Enhanced Authenticity Be A Dangerous Progression? Ben Dutka
04/14/10 News - Infinity Ward Suffers Key Losses After Recent Debacle Ben Dutka
04/12/10 News - Ex-IW Bosses Open New Studio, Announce Deal With EA Ben Dutka
04/11/10 News - Pachter: The World War II Theme Has Run Its Course Ben Dutka
04/09/10 News - Activision Countersues, Former Execs Return Fire Again Ben Dutka
04/07/10 News - Jack White To Aspiring Artists: Ditch The Video Games Ben Dutka
04/07/10 News - Hideo Kojima: The Days Of Consoles Are Numbered Ben Dutka
04/06/10 News - What Exactly Is Square-Enix Doing? Ben Dutka
04/01/10 News - Take-Two Cleared For Lawsuit Against Former Executives John Shepard
03/28/10 News - Jaffe Has No Problem With Remaking His Old Classics Ben Dutka
03/12/10 News - Ex-Infinity Ward Execs Sign With Hollywood Talent Agency John Shepard
03/05/10 News - Pachter: IW Won't Get MW Rights, But Will Get Money Ben Dutka
03/03/10 News - TT Games And Warner Building More LEGOs Through 2016 Ben Dutka
02/26/10 News - Jaffe: Reviews "Don't Matter As Much To Me, Anymore" Ben Dutka
02/24/10 News - Glyde: A Smoother Way To Buy And Sell Your Games Ben Dutka
02/23/10 News - Warner Acquires "Majority Stake" In Rocksteady Studios Ben Dutka
02/11/10 News - Report: Prototype Developer Loses Half Its Staff John Shepard
02/11/10 News - SCEA Jack Tretton Thanks You For "A Great 2009" Ben Dutka
02/10/10 News - EA's NCAA Basketball Forced To Sit Out 2010 Season Ben Dutka
02/10/10 News - Report: Sports Advertisers Need To Use Video Games Ben Dutka
02/02/10 News - Pachter Talks About The Aging Gamer Ben Dutka
02/02/10 News - Capcom Not Done Bringing PS1 Classics To The PSN Ben Dutka
02/01/10 News - Report: Sony Liverpool May Lose 50% Of Its Staff Ben Dutka
02/01/10 News - GameStop Wants You To Know More About DLC Ben Dutka
01/27/10 News - Military Research: Gaming Improves "Ability To Reason" Ben Dutka
01/21/10 News - PlayStation Reality Show, "The Tester," Set To Go Ben Dutka
01/15/10 News - Survey Proves Parents Pay Close Attention To Game Ratings Ben Dutka
01/11/10 News - Metal Gear Solid Movie Stalls Due To "Lack Of Coordinated Will" Ben Dutka
01/10/10 News - Ron Jeremy: Games A "Worse Influnce" Than Pornography Ben Dutka

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